Illuminating Encephalitis

Together we can turn the world RED on World Encephalitis Day and shine a light on this devastating condition which affects 500,000 people each year.

Join us on February 22 and together we can light up iconic landmarks, local buildings and homes across the globe to mark World Encephalitis Day.

By lighting up homes, buildings and landmarks in the colour RED, we will raise awareness of encephalitis on a massive scale. Join us on February 22 and together we can light up iconic landmarks, local buildings and homes across the globe to mark World Encephalitis Day. Supporting us are the fountains at Trafalgar Square, London, Blackpool Tower and the Peace Bridge linking Canada and the U.S.A. with the hope of many more world-famous landmarks to come

Can you help share our message on February 22.

Buildings supporting WED by Illuminating Encephalitis;

Blackpool Tower (Blackpool, England)
Trafalgar Square Fountains (London, England)
Redcar Heart (Redcar, England)
Leeds Beckett Portland (leeds, England)
Leeds Beckett Silver (Leeds, England)
Leeds Beckett Woodhouse (Leeds, England)
First Direct Arena (Leeds, England)
Lifting Tower Wellington Place (Leeds, England)
Smith & Nephew (Hull, England)
Manchester Town Hall (Manchester, England)
Emirates Spinnaker Tower (Portsmouth, England)
Moore Blatch Offices (Richmond, England)
The Encephalitis Society HQ (Malton, England)
Theatre of Light (Malton, England)
Phunky Moo Offices (Richmond, England)
Millennium Bridge (Gateshead, England)
H2H (Sheriff Hutton, England)
Titan Crane (Glasgow, Scotland)
Flower Clock (Kilmarnock, Scotland)
Valneva (Livingston, Scotland)
Luster Lab Massachusetts GH (Massachusetts, USA)
Plummer Building, Mayo Clinic (Rochester, USA)

Smith & Nephew (Memphis, USA)
Peace Bridge (Buffalo, USA/Canada)
High Level Bridge (Ontario, Canada)
Niagara Falls (Niagara, Canada)
Sydney Town Hall (Sydney, Australia)
Melbourne Star Observation Wheel (Melbourne, Australia)
Swan Bell Tower (Perth, Australia)
Telstra Tower (Canberra, Australia)
Smith & Nephew (Suzhou, China)
Trakasol Cultural centre (Cyprus, Cyprus)
Valneva (Solna Sweden)
Sails of Light, Canada Place (Vancouver, Canada)
CN Tower (Toronto, Canada)
Valneva (France)
Valneva (Vienna, Austria)
City Town Hall (Cyprus, Cyprus)
Waldo Water Tower (Kansas City, USA)
Bank of America Plaza (Dallas, Texas)
Weymouth Town Bridge (Dorset, England)
Sears/Willis Tower (Chicago, Illinois)
The New Magnolia Hotel (Dallas, Texas)
Fontana Dei Due Fiumi - Fountain of the Two Rivers (Modena, Italy)

How Can I Help?

Illuminate a local landmark RED for World Encephalitis Day.

You can approach the managers of any of your local landmarks and apply to have them become RED on February 22.
The majority of public buildings have the capability for their outside lights to be illuminated in different colours.

Buildings often have a facilities management team that you can get in touch with. Alternatively, your local council may be the go-to people to help you achieve your aim.

We have created a template permission letter which can be sent or handed in to the management team of your local landmark or building and we have also prepared a press release which can be sent to your local media to publicise Illuminating Encephalitis on World Encephalitis Day.

Illuminate your home for World Encephalitis Day

You may also like to turn your home red for World Encephalitis Day on February 22.

Again, it may be as simple as changing bulbs at home to red bulbs, covering your existing lights with a red filter or even putting red fairy lights in your window.

What Happens Next?

You have found a building to turn RED - please tell us about it!

Our Sponsors

World Encephalitis Day 2017 has been supported with a charitable donation from Pfizer Ltd.

Thank You to GW Pharmaceuticals PLC for supporting World Encephalitis Day